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Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to questions Paula gets asked all the time. There’s also additional info on her at the New Zealand Book Council site and on her Wikipedia page.

Would you read my novel manuscript and give me feedback and advice?

Please check out the details on my new Writing Services page. US clients interested in discussing collaborations can contact me through my agent, Richard Abate.

Are you planning more YA novels?

My most recent YA novel is The Eternal City (2015), a mystery set in Rome. At present I’m not working on any new YA books or any sequels to Ruined, Unbroken or Dark Souls, and no film versions are pending.

Can you send me an ARC or review copy of your latest book?

All review copy requests have to go through the publicity offices of my publishers – Penguin in New Zealand, and Scholastic in the US (see details on the Contact page of this site). Please note: I have no promotional material on hand for any of my books.

Could you tell me all your personal business for an essay I’m writing?

Please see the interview links on the About page of this site, as well as my bio and my Wikipedia page.

Where do you teach?

I convene the Master of Creative Writing at the University of Auckland and can often be found at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival as well.

Who is Mr. Morris P. Moody?

This is an imaginary figure who stalks our lives. See my account of him here.